Every child deserves the opportunity to get an education, explore and flourish from a tender age. However, not all children are able to join kindergarten. As these children have not gotten education at a young age, they face a difficult future ahead of them. They are then exposed to domestic violence at home and in the community, sexual assault and exploitation which further hinders their development.
To empower these children on their upbringing, we introduce them to education right from our orphanage center. Our caretakers teach them manners and morals on how to behave in society, and also teach them the basics of hygiene such as washing clothes, combing their hair, bathing and brushing of their teeth daily.

Sponsor a Child’s Education Today
At St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center we do all the best we can to introduce education to orphans that are in our care. But we can’t do this all alone, we invite you today to join us on this cause of sponsoring a child’s education. These children are the future generation of this country. Contact us for more details on how you can be a part of this.

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