Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

We are now almost three decades into the HIV and AIDS and the number of children orphaned due to HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa estimated in 2013 by the UNAIDS was way over 13 million. In Uganda alone 900,000 of the estimated orphans are said to be orphaned due to the prevailing increase of HIV and AIDS on the African continent. The HIV and AIDS pandemic has greatly impacted the lives of children also in our community leaving them either affected or infected with the virus. The psychological and physical effects of orphans are magnified for those living in child-headed homes.

These children are left behind with the challenge of finding out where and how they can live on their own. They are left with responsibilities way beyond their understanding and capability.

The Challenges of children orphaned due to HIV and AIDS

Poor Health Conditions

HIV and AIDS in the past, has presented increased health issues in children ranging from child health care to point of having inadequate health facilities. Health issues arise due to poor hygiene and malnutrition caused by poverty in families. In the case for children living with the HIV and AIDS virus, they find it difficult to get access to their medication in the right time.

Inadequate Shelter

Some children orphaned due to HIV and AIDS in the country don’t have both their parents so they resort to living with extended family members that is relatives, aunties and uncles and some grandparents. Sadly, some of the children end up living on the streets because they don’t have a place to stay due to the loss of their parents.

Limited Education Accessibility

The loss of a parent due to HIV and AIDS comes in handy for some children.  They suffer from social effects in school and often lose concentration for study books. Other children drop out of school as they are not able to afford school fees.

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