Taking care of vulnerable children and orphans, who’s responsible?

The increasing death rate among young adults and the increase in the number of orphaned children is weakening our community. Children who are orphaned may be forced to drop out of school, engage In labor exploration or prostitution, suffer from depression and anger and or engage in high risk behavior.

Taking care of vulnerable children and orphans

Care for vulnerable and orphaned children is one of the major challenges facing our community.  Responsibility usually falls on extended family members and relatives who are often living in poverty due to limited financial resources and low income. This leaves them struggling to adequately care for these children.

The community sometimes finds a way of giving to these children through church fundraising and community outreaches, but even after putting up such measures a big number of children quite exists that are left with the challenge of meeting daily life needs. The battle for survival for these children remain far from being victorious.

We therefore call upon society to provide more assistance to poor families to enhance their capabilities to cope with the increased needs demanded by these families. Join hands with us through volunteering and support to enable these kids to have a better tomorrow.

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