A child who is an orphan is in most cases subject to stigma and isolation in the community. Most of the children are forced to leave their homes due to circumstances and end up on the streets because they are not left with a place to stay. Some kids go on to try suicidal attempts. Since they don’t have no one to turn to, many of them suffer violence in their day to day life on the streets. These kids may go on and get addicted to drug abuse in order to cope with the reality of living on the streets leaving them to suffer from mental health issues. Furthermore, they are denied access to education and healthcare which is every child’s right.

Our In-House Shelter Program
At St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center we have established a children’s home in a building now consisting of five rooms to help get these kids from the streets. We are able to provide shelter to 60 children both boys and girls from the age of 1-18 years. We have a team of caretakers who look after these kids from preparing meals for them, mentoring them and also sparing their valuable time to play with them.

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