There’s Hope for Orphans in our community

The HIV and AIDS pandemic has been around the African continent close to 30 years now and most families and community understand how it has impacted our society. It has left families separated and poor, leaving many children without hop.  It is now fully understood that these children have challenges related to education, health, food and shelter.

“I started taking Anti Retro Viral tablets (ARVs) when I was 10 years old. I has been a routine for me and now it is a part of my life. Our caretakers ensure that I take my medicine on time and also given food to eat well” Little Kasule Jerome of Kavule Narrates

Let’s Join Hands. Get Involved

There’s urgent need for caregivers to be given greater support, both financially and socially in order to keep our homes running.

Keeping all orphaned children and those who are vulnerable in schools for attaining their education must remain a priority for all child support groups.

Health education should be provided to improve the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS, and also teach those children not living with the virus to keep safe.

Finally, here at St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center we recommend and call upon all members of the community to occasionally visit orphanage homes to show love and provide care. These children when visited they heal emotionally from their traumas.

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