About St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center

St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center was established in 2009 by elder members of the community at St. Peter Catholic Church, located in the suburb region of Nakwero, in the capital Kampala, Uganda, due to the increased need to provide care to infants and orphaned children due to various factors. The children at St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center get the chance to receive the care and nurturing they would not have gotten, thanks to our faithful and hard working caretakers and volunteers.

In Uganda, more than 36% of the young children are malnourished and not living with their parents or family relatives. Poor infrastructure and slow social development due to political and cultural conflicts have left their guardians destitute. The poor social status has left these children with little or no hope hence they are subject to exploitation and many end up living on the streets.

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our mission at St. Peter Initiative Community Center is to give vulnerable children and orphans a home environment and bright future by caring for them, and by involving their families and concerned community members in providing attention to these children.

Enhancing the quality of life of vulnerable children and orphans integrating family and community to enable them become useful members of the society.


  • To provide a safe, caring and loving environment for vulnerable children and orphans.
  • To strive to provide sponsorship for each and every child’s care and education.
  • To implement a community based approach at our orphanage center to frequently involve community members.
  • To recruit and provide training programs to more caretakers who look after these children.

Our values are integrity, quality, commitment, knowledge and transparency.