What we Do

The number of orphans in Uganda over the past decade has increased to more than 2 million children and the majority are living without their parents. Initially, we had established this children’s home in a building consisting of four rooms. Afterwards then we added two rooms to the home. We take in both boys and girls from the age of 1-18. Currently there are 60 children at our home and the number of children in need is surely increasing.

Services offered at St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center
We are able to run this orphanage center all by donations and contribution from our partners, volunteers and well wishers. These are some of the services we offer to these children.
These orphans are loved and cared for by our caretakers since most of them suffer from emotional and psychological stress. Mental health as well as counseling is also another area of interest to us.
All children above the age of 3 years get access to education in nearby schools. They are provided with school uniforms, shoes, books and pencils and other school necessities they need to enhance their education.
Children are introduced to games and sports activities so they can discover themselves and we help them develop their talents. Activities mainly include football or soccer for boys and netball for girls. Through, nowadays girls are also involved in football. Computer skills training are introduced to those that are old enough.
The children are provided with health care services by our caretakers and medical health workers since most of these kids suffer from mild to serious diseases due to their poor medical background during their upbringing.
Most importantly the children are given a safe place to stay that they can call home and a family to spend time with, that is St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center.

Children cared for at St. Peter Initiative Orphanage Center